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The Innovative Agency

Feb 25, 2020

The age-old dilemma: how to build an agency that makes sense for you plus makes you attractive to your clients.


Arguably the best form of marketing is to pay for your marketing after you get your customer. Also known as performance-based marketing.


In this episode, I interview Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO at

Feb 18, 2020

Ad agencies aren’t known for taking things slowly or being highly conservative. At least, a lot of the best ones aren’t.


Is that growth all coincidence, or does it stem from a carefully plotted strategy?


In this episode, I interview Scott Harkey, Cofounder and Managing Partner at OH Partners, about strategies...

Feb 11, 2020

If you hear ROI, you’re either groaning or super excited.


These are the 3 letters that most agency owners talk about, regardless of whether their return on investment philosophy is a source of joy.


In this episode, I interview Mike Krass, co-founder and CEO at MKG Marketing, about why he loves having the ROI...

Feb 4, 2020

You want to get into podcast guesting, but you have no idea how. (Frankly, you don’t even have a message yet, much less a brand strategy.)


You just know podcast guesting is going to be big for you. And you’re right.


In this episode, I interview Kelly Glover, Podcast Guest Booker at the Talent Squad, about the...