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The Innovative Agency

Mar 19, 2019

Ian Lurie is a “recovering” lawyer who, a few years out of law school, founded Portent, a Seattle internet marketing agency.

Ian was able to harness great technical development talent, plus great content writing, to grow Portent into an attractive acquisition target.

Today, Ian is the executive vice president of

Mar 13, 2019

Everyone likes to believe they’re thinking outside of the box.

But are you really thinking creatively?

Michael Cardwell, and his team are without a doubt creative (they literally posted wanted posters of people they wanted a meeting with.)

On the latest episode of The Innovative Agency, Michael shared his thoughts on...

Mar 8, 2019

Rob Shepardson is an expert at working with clients to make an impact, even in volatile circumstances.

Founding Partner at SS+K, Rob and his team lead clients to marry business and impact. With a foundation in political campaigns, the team has mastered the art of working with clients to make an impact, even in volatile...