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The Innovative Agency

Nov 14, 2018

Innovation is phenomenal. In every way — for pleasure, for necessity, for business. The world is constantly changing because of innovation, and our entire company is built around such creativity.

But just because it shines, doesn’t mean you need it. Pacing is important in marketing innovation … or perhaps especially in marketing innovation.

Take it from Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions, a leading digital advertising agency.

Kevin has seen digital advertising and marketing grown from its infancy in the 90s to its current state of ever-changing technology. Kevin has an amazing grasp of when to pump the accelerator, and when to proceed with caution around innovation.

He’s dealt with a variety of customers: from those who believe they don’t need a website, to others who believe they need a mobile application simply because they heard their competitor had one.

Kevin came on our Innovative Agency Podcast to show how to deal with clients who may not understand their own needs —  what questions to ask them, what products to deliver, and how to guide them toward the correct KPIs.

We caught it all right here.